Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional preparation is a vital part of the endeavor of a liberal arts institution. Through these programs, the University seeks to provide general and discipline-specific course work which will prepare students for graduate work in their chosen fields. While completing courses in their specific major, students will complete a set of courses, prescribed by the University, which will prepare them for the professional program of their choice. Dallas Baptist University provides pre-professional preparation programs in the following areas: 


Pre-physician’s assistant

Pre-occupational therapy*



Pre-athletic training*


Pre-veterinary science



Pre-physical therapy*

Other pre-applied health options

*Refer to the BS in Health Sciences degree which incorporates concentrations in Pre-physical therapy, Pre-occupational therapy, Pre-athletic training, and Pre-chiropractic preparation.

To learn more about any of the Pre-Professional Programs, contact the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:

214.333.5303 or 1.800.460.1328