Master of Arts in Global Leadership/Master of Arts in Management


The Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Master of Arts in Management dual degree program provides students with an integrated approach to the study of international business, cross-cultural communication dynamics, and Christian witness in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment. The dual degree will be most relevant to students who plan to manage businesses in a global setting and who are committed to integrating faith and business in diverse cultural settings. Because the business environment is dynamic, special attention is given to adapting to organizational change and becoming a change agent.


In order to pursue a Dual Master’s Degree program, the applicant must apply to, meet the existing admission requirements for, and be accepted into each of the master’s degrees which comprise the dual degree program.

Note:  Church Membership Requirement (for admission into the EDD in Educational Leadership—all concentrations, PHD in Leadership Studies’ Ministry Concentration, Master’s Ministry Degrees, and Advanced Ministry Certificate Programs): Within the last 12 months, the applicant must have been an active member of a Christian church that holds Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who holds solely the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred Scripture.


  • Old Testament Survey

  • New Testament Survey


Principles of Management
MANA 51.521 - Management Theory

Principles of Marketing
MRKT 51.521 - Marketing Concepts

Prerequisites may be met with equivalent courses from another institution or from a passing grade on the GSOM Old Testament and New Testament equivalency exams and do not count toward degree completion.


Continuance in the MA in Management program past the first 12 hours is pending submission of a satisfactory score on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examinations® (GRE®).

MA IN GLOBAL LEADERSHIP REQUIRED CURRICULUM - 30 hours (excluding prerequisites)


Credit hours

Required Curriculum


DISC 5302 - Biblical Servant Leadership
GSOM 6310 - Ministry Mentorship (S-L)*
MAGL 5330 - Introduction to Missiology
MAGL 5345 - Business as Mission (S-L)
THEO 5313 - Applied Hermeneutics
THEO 6305 - Christian History and Heritage
THEO 6306 - Systematic Theology
WORS 6303 - Spiritual Formation and Worship
Electives - Select two courses (6 hours) from the Graduate School of Ministry with approval of Program Director.

Six (6) hours of the MA in Management Required Curriculum serve as electives for the MA in Global Leadership Required Curriculum.

MA IN MANAGEMENT REQUIRED CURRICULUM - 30 hours (excluding prerequisites)


Credit hours

Required Curriculum


MANA 6310 - Leadership in Management
MANA 6312 - Communication and Business Behavior
MANA 6314 - Organizational Change and Development
MANA 6319 - Operational Finance
MANA 6320 - Business Ethics
MANA 6323 - Human Resource Strategy (S-L)*
MANA 6360 - Managerial Strategy and Implementation (S-L)* (Capstone)
MRKT 6341 - Advanced Marketing Strategies
Select two courses from
MA in Management concentrations with approval of Program Director or Academic Advisor.
Six (6) hours of the MA in Global Leadership Required Curriculum serve as electives for the MA in Management Required Curriculum.


30 hours

MA in Global Leadership Required Curriculum

30 hours

MA in Management Required Curriculum

60 hours

TOTAL Dual Degree (excluding prerequisites)

*(S-L)=Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.

Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.


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